Command Performance

Molding His precious clay. 💜

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

He wants

to make her body sing

to train her

to direct her

to conduct her

to control her.

He wants

to make her body sing

to be his chanteuse

to be his nightingale

to be his diva

to be his leading lady soprano

pouring out her soul

He wants

to make her body sing

and sigh

and dance

and glide

and twist

and writhe

and shiver

and sway

and fill his stage

with her perfect submission

a command performance

only for him.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Laszio Gulyas

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Use Your hungry and most devoted slave, to objectified as You desire. Your whore is ablaze with want… 💜

Besos de Cuero

Could you pass the objectification test?



Image – Igor Amelkovich



“Objectification. The body will be assessed three times using a variety of distractions. During each test the trainer will take note that on no account does the body move, twitch, sigh, moan, or make any sign of life.

The trainer will use a rod to change the position of the body as required.

After each assessment the body will be flogged for between one and two minutes. The quantity of stokes and harshness of the whipping is at the trainer’s discretion. A generous flogging is customary for the successful completion of a task however if a failure has occurred, a more severe, exemplary punishment, such as a caning, is recommended.

The whipping or caning is a display designed mainly to entertain the gallery and is therefore not included in the judges’ final assessment. As a consequence, during…

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Late Winter’s Exhibit

slave snuck out to work on her tan on an unseasonably mild February afternoon. Actually, without Your permission and command, slave chose to exhibit herself upon the terrace warmed by winter’s kiss of sun. slave knows that there may be consequences for her choice, but hopes You consider it a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Your slut’s urges are so very wanton, greedy and uncharacteristically selfish today… Cunt’s need flashes raw and slave would fuck just about anything right now, anywhere.


Or will Your etching upon owned flesh serve as a humiliating reminder for Your hungry whore?


Each pull of rope, bite of knot mark Your disobedient property– on exhibit for You only now. Withholding whip’s sting and orgasm’s bliss, You smile sadistically as release is denied.


* A bit of fantasy only. Your horniest slave knows her place as Yours and awaits Your pleasure. 💜

Lost in the Vortex of You

Wanton longings betray the tenderness of Your sterling heart resting in the hollow of the slender neck You so greedily squeeze.


Buds quake and erupt at Your sadistic bidding. slave’s needy whimpers and stacatto cries beckon Your hunger– punctuated by breathless pleas. Your favorite melody, indeed. Suffering Your brutal pain brings sweet ecstasy and perpetual devotion.


As You drift to blissful rest each evening, feel me close as You are near to hushed slave.