**This is a genuine post, not an April Fools joke. slave tasha here, perhaps for the last time.**

Your last text said, ‘Do not contact me again’. As hard as that’s been since Tuesday, I have honored that request, not knowing its author but hoping against hope that it was her rather than you. Meantime, a small group of us have been worried for your safety; we even contemplated asking the RVA police to do a wellness check to make sure you were ok. Always conscious of protecting you, not making things worse in your other relationship or God forbid physical retribution, the idea was discarded.

You violated your own request this morning and permanently crushed whatever shreds of hope I had left. Cunningly, you were on the line, but doing her bidding. Her voice read the words from a WP post into my ear with a question at the end that I evaded with the skill of Sean Spicer. I WILL NOT implicate anyone else in our deception; should you choose to be honest with her, that name will leave your mouth, not mine.

Your constant promise of protection has become an ironic and cruel joke. Over 2 1/2 years, as your friend, lover and obedient submissive, I refused to lash out in kind to her drunken, cruel messages left for me, allowing the ugliness she spewed to lie fallow. To allow you your time to rebuild your life, abuse-free, to leave on your terms, for us, you said. How many times did I offer to step aside for you, always putting your happiness above my own? You always refused to let me go, but I should have been stronger… Your profession of wanting to be honest with her was a either a lie to me all along or a means to self preservation or survival now. Whichever, it doesn’t matter now. I doubt you’ll ever see this, let alone read it, but know this: I will not speak badly of you or her beyond this post. I will grieve privately and stay graceful… I’ve been taught well and you can’t have the goodness, optimism and hope that existed before you and will surface again. Her wish that ‘I should just hurry up and die’ might well be yours now too, but you’ll both be mistaken. Life and trust will cautiously and deliberately be rebuilt, thanks to a strong spirit you can’t extinguish.

Your number has been blocked for both calls and messages, and my kinky profiles relating to you will be deleted. My blog remains as reminder, testament and future; any comment you might make will be sent to spam.

Good bye, Andy.