Your Adornments

The iciness of steel

Or texture and bite of rope

The sadistic whisper of leather

Capturing Your treasure

In a blissful rush





The Mindfuck of Your Rope


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It’s lying here in a pile, along with the heavy steel connectors. You know i can take it out on a whim and stroke it, imagining You weaving and tightening each color around the body You own and use at Your will. Closing my eyes, i can feel the urgency in Your craftsmanship, Your breath hot upon my neck as You knot with molasses-like slowness. You are savoring each twist as i drip, whimper and begin to beg and plead for You to complete the binding. Your devouring kiss silences me as Your whip punishes, returning me to proper focus, YOU!


How i crave the power of Your psychological Domination, most honored Mistress. 💜

The F word


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Prepare yourself for Mistress, my greedy little whore. Retrieve your play collar, leather cuffs, gag and blindfold so they are nearby. you have 30 minutes. We have been apart so very, very long. Do not make your Mistress wait!

Knees practically knocking on winter’s chilled tile floor, slave was unaware of anything but Her words. Burning desire to please Her finally, left slave open and ready to serve and be taken… trusting in her Mistress’s darkest desires for Her property. Tears swelling in thoughts of sexual urgency, slave shivered for Her touch.

Mistress appeared after a seeming eternity, Her torturous and thrilling chains thudding across the antique plank floors as She neared her greedy slave. Wordlessly, She grabbed slave’s hair and slipped the tresses into a tight ponytail, slapped a blindfold on Her whore and attached the leather ’round slave’s neck and wrists. To the rings there, Mistress snapped the weighty steel as an unrepentant leash. Praising both Her handiwork and slave’s preparation, She growled good girl in Her property’s ear.

Bound, blindfolded, gagged, slave’s hunger and anticipation betrayed her as juices began to coat her thighs. Mistress was silent, slave strained her ears for clues as Mistress’ s heels clicked hurriedly about Her rotisseried prey. A bottle opening here, the brush of an electrical cord there and at long last, a deep devouring kiss from her Owner. Her bite on slut’s lower lip drew a droplet of blood. Mine, She hissed.

A cold steely shaft opened slave’s ass to gaping, vibrating in concert with the blows inflicted on wanton harlot’s clamped nipples and breasts. slave’s song began with a single flowing syllable and varied only by octave, ‘M-mmmmmmm-ooooo-rrrrrrrr-e!’

My most treasured wanton whore, DO NOT COME, Mistress longs for so much more from Her little one. Will you take everything that I have to give you, should I desire to break you? slave’s gentle whimpering and certain nod assured Mistress of her little one’s tumultuous need and blind, yet earned trust.

The Hitachi assaulted captured breasts, then labia and cunt, sadistically controlled  by her Queen until come slut began to break apart, pulling against the restraints. Her prey primed and properly prepared, Mistress’s primal ‘COME NOW, slave!’ released Her sacred blessing and hurled Her property to the sexual splendor of subspace. As she flew higher, a new sensation enveloped whore’s obedient body and vulnerable soul. her sopping and pliable cunt was invaded and taken over and over again by Mistress’s unforgiving fist. slave rode the waves of pleasure as Mistress removed the gag with Her free hand, knowing cries of longing would erupt from Her newly broken clay. slave’s consciousness was only restored by hair stroked gently Mistress’s comforting arms about her.

Whispering tenderly to Her most treasured little one, Mistress spoke, ‘Good girl. Mistress is so delighted in Her slave.’ Her delicate hands and fingers captured slave’s neck as she squeezed firmly enough to leave a tender bruise. slave smiled to herself as she pondered yet another branding. Willing and so open to Mistress, always.

Mercifully Sadistic?


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We are both still dreadfully sick, but Your slave has turned the corner toward health and hopes Your beast will fill and use Her deviant and dirty slut soon. slave dreamt of Your thick, tightening chains, expandable dildo and strap on last evening. While slave’s piercing heals, every waking moment is consumed by thoughts of serving and pleasing Mistress in any way she can. Feel slave’s body kneeling beside You, soul soaring at Your divine words of lustful instruction. Your pain whore waits…



slut’s Snow Day

Shut in because of winter’s gentle blanketing, slave reclines, entranced by Your pierced nipple like a newly engaged fiancee mesmerized by diamonds adorning her finger. Closing her eyes, fingers wander to the captive bead, the heat of Your presence almost scorching the titanium. Prepared for Your sexual satisfaction, in position she waits.


Bound by so much more than the leather encircling Your property’s wrists, unworthy cunt betrays whorish lust.

Owned slave, control yourself, displeasing Mistress could well bring punishment!


Oh, most sacred crop, to paint quivering flesh royal hues of scarlet and aubergine.  Can You feel the cardiac storm of slave’s heart as she kneels hypnotized at Your feet?


Lost in the forest of Your pain, winter’s cold will nourish hard soil, stiff buds pleading for Your Sadistic fertilization.


Brutal blossoms unfurl at Your touch, flowering at the mercy of the slender willow as nipples cry in ecstasy.



Your Loving Arrow

Surprisingly calm, slave arrived early

Resolute to fulfill Your command

Sterile white space, body covered by

Crunchy cover, enough for two to share

Swabbed and inked for artist’s guidance

Clinical intimacy, trusting ability
Breathe deeply now, then release

Pain flashed, captive’s bead appeared

Adjusted, clasped, completed

You’ll feel throbbing for some time

An unspoken comfort for slave

Owned primally, smile perpetuates







Yours, Still

Waking, You are once again slave’s first thought. The brass clock at slave’s bedside showed 9:35, You already well into Your day across the Pond. slave sent her delicious Mistress this message after coffee:

slave showered this morning feeling Your hands pulling hair, caressing skin as You lathered, twisting and pulling on nipples, biting shoulders and breasts… taking what is Yours. Upstairs, You shaved slave’s cunt clean… leaving a throbbing pussy in Your wake.

A picture snapped and sent, Your exhibitionist dirty whore has returned to her Mistress. slave’s body is patiently waiting to   be used by You, in blissful, wanton service. Laid out before You, bound and quivering, soon to be permanently marked, slave anticipates only Your blistering heat and desire. Fire consumes…