**slave tasha is writing today, not little one**

What i thought was a reconnection and a longed for step towards our future morphed into a hideous and almost wordless conflagration. Yes, i take full responsibility for the fuck up, but that you contemplate its premeditation just shatters me.

You questioned what you created while we were together and now the shards of us cut what remains of my flesh. Spirit crushed, heart reduced to smoldering ash and echoes of ‘fraud’ torment my soul.

Had you said that you chose her to protect yourself, to rebuild your life for yourself, to be whole, the pain would be dull rather than piercing. Instead, there’s only a deep hole of despair in your place…

Knowing that i have disappointed and let you down will be a scar i will carry forever, its pain far worse than anything even the darkest sadist could inflict. 💔